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Real Estate >> Landlord & Tenant >> Small claims court, lanlord lease

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Discussion: Small claims court, lanlord lease-
#179, posted 19 Jan 2022 2:59 pm21 words
Kathy C (Offline)

Joined 19 Jan 2022 2:58 pm

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I am looking for site that i can print pappers such as file in small claims court, lanlord lease.

thank you

#181, posted 19 Jan 2022 3:04 pm, in reply to #179103 words
Customer Support (Offline)

Joined 26 Jan 2022 1:01 pm

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Dear Kathy:

Thank you for visiting our website.

Please be informed that we do not provide summons/complaint forms as well as any of landlord/tenant forms on our website.

We think that the following links may be helpful for you:

Please note that the clerk of the court shall prepare and furnish blank notice of claim forms and the clerk of the court, or other employee of the court as the judge may designate, shall, upon request, assist individual claimants in the preparation thereof, but all attachments to the notice of claim shall be furnished by the claimant.

Best regards,
Customer Support

Edited 19 Jan 2022 3:04 pm by Customer Support Reply  

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