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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! >> Health insurance for my son.

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Discussion: Health insurance for my son.-
#187, posted 23 Jan 2022 11:58 pm270 words
DaveTTA (Offline)

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In my court order when it comes to insurance it states that I provide Insurance for my son if it is available. If not my sons mother is to get it through her work if available. neither one of us have insurnce available at work so then it changes to I am suposed to get it through the Texas Healthy Kids Corporation. "Basically the C.H.I.P.S. program." If its not available to me for whatever reason through that organization then my sons mother is orderd to use them and then send me a copy of the bill to reimburse her. It also states that what ever medical cost do incure that is not coverd by insurance we split 50%. At the moment He is not coverd by any insurance. I do work full time and so does my girlfriend who I live with. My sons mother on the other hand works part time and her husband is disabled. The keep riding me about getting insurance and trying to make me pay 100% of the medical bills for him and refuse to get any insurance on him.

What do I do or can I do? While he has no insurance are we suposed to split that total cost in half or am I responsible for all of the cost. His step dad calls me and threatens me with not letting me pick my son up for our weekends together and also threatens to take me to court to take custody away from me. I would really and greatly apreciate any help or advice on this. Im totally clueless on what to do.

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Dear DaveTTA,

Your question is rather complicated and we recommend you to consult an attorney experienced in matrimonial and child custody matters.

Please note that Legal Helpmate is not a law firm and we may not give you legal advice.

Best regards,

Legal Helpmate Corp.


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