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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Love and Marriage with Prenuptial Agreement >> Overseas (US - Germany) Prenuptial Agreement

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Discussion: Overseas (US - Germany) Prenuptial Agreement+

#214, posted 28 Feb 2022 10:42 pm, in reply to #213114 words
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Dear Alan,

As we understand from your post, your fiancé is already in the United States and you are planning to live in the USA after marriage. Therefore, you may use our Prenuptial agreement form to enter into the agreement.

Given the fact that your fiancé is not fluent in English we strongly recommend her to talk to matrimonial attorney (preferably German speaking), and ask him to go over the contract with her. You may save a bunch of money if you bring an existing prenuptial contract to an attorney and just ask him to clarify several moments, instead of asking an attorney to draft a new contract for you.

Best regards,
Customer Support

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