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Dear Don:

We think that normally a child must not run away from home.

If this unfortunate event has happened, that means that a child has to support himself economically and does not count on his parents support.

As far as we know the age of emancipation in Texas is 18, or after a child graduates from high school. That means that the parents of such a child have a duty to support his or her child while the child is an unemancipated minor and this duty continues as long as the child is fully enrolled in an accredited secondary school in a program leading toward a high school diploma until the end of the school year in which the child graduates.

A child may be approved by court as emancipated child if he/she becomes economically independent through employment, entry into military service, or marriage, and may be constructively emancipated if they, without cause, withdraw from parental control and supervision.

Please note that Legal Helpmate is not a law firm and we do not give legal advice to the public. All written above does not constitute legal advice and is given for your information only.

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