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Power of Attorney >> Taking Care of Your Children >> What do I do???? What can I do???

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Discussion: What do I do???? What can I do???-
#234, posted 19 Mar 2022 2:55 pm191 words
heartbroken (Offline)

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Hi, feb 25 2006 my husband moved out of our home with no warning while I was at work leaving my 12year old that had the flu to care for his brother and 3 year old sister. My son asked where he was going and he said California..... I didn't know that he moved out until I got home and one of my boys was in the bathroom, the other up in his room crying and my daughter running around. He moved to another state OH and has totally abandoned his repsonsabilities. He has NOT given us anything for the bills, food anything..... His main concern is his new 19 year old girlfriend (he's 40) and buying new furnature for his apartment!

He has blown all the money that we had saved and has now taken a loan out against his 401k. The check came to our house, I don't know that law, is it legal for me to deposit it into our joint account so that I could pay these bills and buy some food for the children?

I have filed for child support but that takes forever in MI!!!!

#238, posted 22 Mar 2022 6:05 pm, in reply to #234110 words
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Dear Heartbroken:

Please be advised that Legal Helpmate is not a law firm and we must not advise you on your legal matter. Your question requires attention of an attorney and we strongly recommend you to consult one as soon as possible.

We understand that you experience financial difficulties and may not be able to retain an attorney. Therefore, below we provide phone # and websites for the organizations that will be able to help you with your problems:

MI Department of Human Services Office of Child Support; Tel: 1-866-540-0008 provides help with legal problems to low income residents of Michigan. and

Best regards,
Legal Helpmate Corp.


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