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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Love and Marriage with Prenuptial Agreement >> Pre-nupts and joint equity

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Discussion: Pre-nupts and joint equity-
#237, posted 20 Mar 2022 8:42 pm108 words
Mia143 (Offline)

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I'm not sure if anyone can answer this but here goes.

If I spell out in my pre-nupt that my home and the equity attached to my home (including making payments on the home and/or an equity line) are mine in my pre-nupt, do I negate this pre-nupt by using my husband as a co-signer on a home equity or second mortgage loan? In addition, what if he is a co-signer on a second mortgage or equity line 2 or 3 weeks prior to the wedding date but the pre-nupt is signed?

Even with a pre-nupt, is it just better to not have any joint property at all?



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