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Discussion: Name of Trust-
#266, posted 12 May 2022 3:35 pm123 words
brett (Offline)

Joined 12 May 2022 3:32 pm

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I see that most living trust names include the name of the person creating the trust (or the name of the trustees), ie. the Brad Smith and Julie Smith Revocable Living Trust. I know it may cause confusion, but might a trust be named almost anything, and not have to include anyones name.

I am a law enforcement officer and would like to transfer some of my assets to a trust with a name like The Smiley Trust (a dumb example), not to protect assets from legal battles, but to try to hide where I live or where I own property from the "bad guys" who might wish to do myself of my family harm.

Thanks in advance to any and all answers.

#268, posted 16 May 2022 3:41 pm, in reply to #26632 words
Customer Support (Offline)

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Dear brett,

The living trust you create does not have to bear your name or your family name.
You may name the trust any name you want.

Best regards,
Legal Helpmate Corp.


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