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Dear Sara,

As far as you are not going to gain custody over your cousin, we suggest the child's parents to execute a "Limited Non-durable Power of Attorney for Minor Child Care". If parents have jont custody they both must sign a Power of attorney.

Limited Non-durable Power of Attorney for Child (ren) Care is an important legal document. It gives the person whom you designate (your "agent", "attorney-in-fact") broad powers regarding the minor child(ren).

Limited Non-durable Power of Attorney for Child Care is valid for the time period you specify in it, or until you revoke this Power of Attorney for Child Care.

This type of Power of Attorney will authorize the person you have appointed to perform all legal acts that you could have done yourself as a parent.

A Child Care Power of Attorney authorizes the Agent to have temporary custody of an unmarried minor child with whom the minor child may reside, and to make medical decisions in regards to said child.

By using this type of the Power of Attorney you can grant one or more of the following powers:

to consent for emergency medical treatment; including surgery and hospitalization;
to provide for the safety of the child; education, and welfare of the child;
enrollment in a school or sport activities;
signing documents in connection with the care and medical treatment;
to perform any parental acts in regards to discipline and supervision, arbitration of disputes, to act as a guardian for the custody;
other powers regarding your child (for example: travel arrangements, to pick the child up from school, etc).

Quick link for Child Care Power of attorney:

Best regards,
Legal Helpmate Corp.

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