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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! >> married for papers

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Discussion: married for papers-
#293, posted 19 Jun 2022 7:43 am119 words
Cathy (Offline)

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I married in jan 2005 trying to help a "friend" aquire his residency...only to find that i was not able to go through with it for various reasons but mainly because I could not do something ilegal...but now, a year and a half later....i am still married and dont know how to go about dissolving the marriage with out remaining as a divorcee and losing the friendship....i wish to know if there is any way to anul the marriage as it was NEVER conceived and we have never shared anything, not a house or an account...nothing... ah yes important factor: i married in costa rica and it has not been reported to the US embassy to my knowledge,,,please advise!!!

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