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Personal Financing >> Free Credit Report >> Free annual credit report upon request

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Discussion: Free annual credit report upon request-
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Did You Know …

The three National Credit Bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax & Experian) must provide a free annual credit report to consumers upon request.

2005 -- Under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act, the three national credit bureaus must provide a free, annual credit report to every consumer upon request. A national roll-out of the free credit reports began December 1, 2004. Depending on where you live, you may not be eligible for the free credit report until September 1, 2005.

If you are looking to make a major purchase, or if you suspect that someone may be using your personal information to apply for credit in your name, chances are, you are going to need a credit report. Each credit bureau agency may carry different information on your credit report, so it is often recommended that you check all three credit reports. allows you to do just that, instantly and online (so long as you correctly answer questions about your credit history for authentication purposes).

Credit bureaus are not required to provide you with a free credit score, which is a major determining factor when you’re buying or refinancing a home. Each of the major credit bureaus have provided the option of purchasing your credit score online during the free credit report process so that you can quickly review your entire credit information. Each credit bureau may reflect a different score for you, so it is a good idea to check all three credit scores. They also offer an easy vehicle to initiate credit disputes so that you can correct incorrect credit information while you’re viewing the report. Accurate credit information is particularly important when you’re trying to obtain a competitive interest rate and inaccurate credit information is lowering your credit score.

So do you still need to purchase a credit report? The answer is "Yes", if you want to continue to monitor your credit information throughout the year. Checking your credit report several times a year ensures its accuracy and helps deter against identity fraud.

Check your Credit Report and find out your Credit Score in few clicks.

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