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Power of Attorney >> Taking Care of Your Children >> Limited power of attorney for my Goddaughter

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Discussion: Limited power of attorney for my Goddaughter+

#356, posted 22 Sep 2021 3:59 am, in reply to #355115 words
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Dear Teri:

We think that a “Limited Non-Durable Power of attorney for child care” will best suit your legal needs.

This document allows you to delegate many parental duties to your agent (Attorney in fact). Among these powers are:

To consent to any necessary medical treatment, surgery, therapy, and other medical care; to employ and discharge any person responsible for the care of children; to provide for welfare, child safety, education, to enroll in schools and after school activities; to act for you in your place and your name for providing care, clothing, education, etc; to perform parental acts including maintenance, supervision, discipline, arbitration of disputes, enrollment in sports activities, etc.

Best regards,
Customer Support

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