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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Breaking Up Is Hard To Do! >> Divorce Papers and who pays

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Discussion: Divorce Papers and who pays-
#343, posted 5 Sep 2021 7:23 pm154 words
Sondra (Offline)

Joined 5 Sep 2021 6:50 pm

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hello, is there anyone on forum that might be able to ease my worries.I was forced to leave my home in Kentucky May of 05.I moved to NY and my X Husband filed for the divorce with the understanding in the papers that I would pay for it.While at the time I agreed I was employed with pretty good pay and then I got laid off.He informed me that he was to pay because he was getting married again.ok.If he want's to pay.Well I got a call today from him telling me that the court is filing a contept of court against me,because I didn't pay.I told him that I would pay when I had the money when ever that may be since now I am out of work due to back problem's.Since it was his chioce can they come after me??? Any help or comment would be appreciated.I'm so confused. Thank you Sondra

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