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Real Estate >> Landlord & Tenant >> leaks and future mold

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Discussion: leaks and future mold-
#352, posted 20 Sep 2021 7:50 pm121 words
jamesld (Offline)

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Similar to billolive I also live in a condo in CA and had a leak from my toilet shut off valve that dripped back into and down the cavity wall onto my neighbors bedroom ceiling. I stopped the leak, but now there is a faint water mark on her ceiling. I offerd to repaint, but she is worried about future molding and wants to cut holes in the ceiling to make sure it's dry. Should I cut holes and have someone look at it or am I opening up a can of worms by doing so? Would I be responsible for future molding? It is my understanding that there have been other leaks in this womans unit that have been repaired.

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