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Personal Financing >> Bad Credit & Debt Consolidation >> Are you in the debt trap?

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Discussion: Are you in the debt trap?+

#294, posted 19 Jun 2022 2:05 pm145 words
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My mother is 75 years old on a fixed income. She got herself caught up in credit cards. She has one that she happen to max out at 5,000. She spoke with the credit card company alot and asked to make an offer of so much per month. They refused telling her she had to pay alot more than that. They kept adding on late fees and interest to the card until it hit 7,000. Then they sent it into collections. Now the collection company is calling her and telling her that they will send her to jail. Is this accurate? She offered them the same amount but they to refused and said they would not accept that. All this time they are telling her no not to send in that amount she probably would have paid a couple hundred dollars. What can we do?

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