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Power of Attorney >> Granting Broad Powers >> POA for Grandparents

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Dear Tanana,

Your sister may appoint multiple Agents to take care of her children. She has several choices in this regards. An important point is that if she appoints two or more Agents, she must decide whether they must act together in making decisions involving her affairs, or whether each can act separately. At the line that says “I appoint such and such… as my agent write two names, and further state that they have the power to make decisions separately. Depending on the children’s age and activities they perform, we would suggest the following:

1. One Power of Attorney form for two kids naming two agents - grandmother and grandfather, giving them power to act separately;
2. If the age difference of children is significant and they go to different schools and perform different activities: separate forms for each child naming both grand parents as agents and giving them right to make decisions separately;

She can also issue two separate forms for each child, where one of the forms will name a grandmother as an agent, and the other form will name a grandfather as an Attorney-in-Fact. We think that from the practical point of view, variants #1 and #2 look more attractive.

Please note that Legal Helpmate is not a law firm and we do not give a legal advice.

Best regards
Customer Support

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