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Change Name >> Change of Name for Adult or Minors >> Minor Name change in Texas

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Discussion: Minor Name change in Texas+

#24, posted 1 Jun 2022 12:25 pm, in reply to #23154 words
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Dear Melinda,

As we understand your question you want to change your daughter’s last name before your husband starts an adoption proceeding.

At the present time, there are no laws in Texas to prevent a mother from informally changing her child’s surname. If you have no doubts that your new husband will adopt your daughter and will be a great father for her, you may do that.

You can register a child in extra-curricular activities under an alias name and ask the school officials to use a new last name at school. It is left on school officials’ discretion to grant the mothers request and allow the use of the new name.

Theoretically, biological father may seek to compel you to use his surname for your kids, but as we understand from your post your former husband is not claiming his parental rights and such scenario is unlikely to happen.

Best regards,
Customer Support

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