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Power of Attorney >> Granting Broad Powers >> Looking to purchase a Power of Attorney form

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Discussion: Looking to purchase a Power of Attorney form-
#66, posted 24 Oct 2021 7:58 am132 words
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I'm looking to purchase a Power of Attorney program or the forms. Can
yours be used right away
after it's downloaded and paid for? A few other questions I have:

1. My father lives in Illinois but I live in Wisconsin. He may be moving in with me in Wisconsin but that would be after the POA is taken care of. Do I need forms for each state?

2. Can the Administrator of the nursing home be the one to "witness" and notarize? I've read it's not a good idea. It was done this way previously before I came into the picture so I'm not even sure if that one is legit.

3. Is there one form that covers everything? We need one for medical and finances etc etc.



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