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#104, posted 26 May 2022 6:36 am, in reply to #103128 words
Mel (Offline)

Joined 25 May 2022 9:59 am

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There's a nonprofit organization out there called "Newsong" that gives away down payment grants. I wasn't talking about the scams out there.

This is what I meant:

However, there is a buyers fee of $250 and the buyer has to donate some of the profits of the sale of their house to the foundation and I just don't see many people doing that.

So I was asking if anyone knew of or heard of of villages/towns giving away grants for people in my situation. Because I do not want to have to buy a book that has over 1,000 listings of grants unless I know for sure its going to help me.


Mel -

Please visit this site if you're in the same boat:

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