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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Love and Marriage with Prenuptial Agreement >> Waiver of Spousal Support

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Discussion: Waiver of Spousal Support-
#149, posted 14 Nov 2021 7:56 pm340 words
nkatsaras (Offline)

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The first sentence:
The parties agree that each is physically, emotionally, and financially capable of providing for their own support at an appropriate standard of living.
Is not necessarily true in the case of my fiancee.. when we met, she was living with her parents, working as a teller earning $9/hr and going to University full time.
Now, she lives with me and is no longer employed at the bank.
She is about 3 months pregnant at this time. If the marriage doesn't work out... (I hate even writing that because we love each other so much).. but if it doesn't work out, then what? She's going to be a single mother, unemployed... maybe she will be able to go live with her parents, but who knows. She could get a job again, I suppose. But how is she supposed to agree to that first statement, when it's not really true? Yet, at the same time, I'm not willing to pay alimony. If things don't work out, as far as I'm concerned, she will have to go live with her parents and let them support her just as they were when we first met and she can go get a job as a teller again at another bank.

I will gladly pay any child support that is reasonable and I realize that the prenuptual can't affect child support. But isn't there a legal loophole that women can use to say "our child is used to a standard of living as such, living in a condo on the beach with ocean view, having a hot, home-cooked meal prepared by a live-in, full-time nanny every day, etc. etc.." which is actually the case already. We have already hired a live-in nanny who is currently our housekeeper and will also be the nanny once the child is born. However, that could cost me $thousands each month, which I don't think is fair at all.
We are getting married this weekend, Nov 19th.. so I look forward to your prompt reply.
Thank you!

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