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Power of Attorney >> Granting Broad Powers >> Power of Attorney and having problems getting ID

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Discussion: Power of Attorney and having problems getting ID-
#151, posted 22 Nov 2021 3:27 pm94 words
kpj2104 (Offline)

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I am having problems getting ID and I need my birth certificate to obain it. I was informed today that I would have to get power of attorney. I have no clue of how this works, what type of power of attorney I need, if theres any consequences dong this of turning something like that into the wrong person's hand and how to avoid it. If anyone knows anything about this I would be greatfull of help, cause I am power of attorney illiterate and I really need my id. My email is

#152, posted 23 Nov 2021 3:14 pm, in reply to #151128 words
Customer Support (Offline)

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Of course, you may authorize someone you trust to obtain your Birth certificate from Florida.

You can issue a Limited Power of Attorney naming your agent for the sole purpose of obtaining a duplicate of your birth certificate.

A Limited Power of attorney is an important legal document that allows or authorizes the person you name (your Agent, "attorney-in-fact") to perform a particular transaction. The Limited Power of Attorney would restrict the authority of the Agent to a specific situation, limited time period or type of legal action.

Limited Power of Attorney is valid for the time period you specify in it, or until you revoke this Power of Attorney.

You may purchase a Limited power of attorney by going to

Best regards,

Customer Service

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