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Change Name >> Change of Name for Adult or Minors >> After 11 years of divorce/name change

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Discussion: After 11 years of divorce/name change-
#153, posted 29 Nov 2021 2:45 am93 words
Ivett (Offline)

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Hello i have been divorced for a little over 11 years i would like info on what i have to do to add my maiden name to my name i still wish to keep my married name i just want to add my maiden name as a middle name. I live in Texas what do i have to do to have it legaly changed or do i have to fill any forms? or can i just change my s/s # and drivers licence number to include my maiden name as a middle name.

#157, posted 29 Nov 2021 5:51 pm, in reply to #153116 words
Customer Support (Offline)

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Dear Ivette,

This issue was supposed to be resolved in your divorce decree.

As far as we know, if your divorce decree does not contain any order restoring your maiden name, you still may use your maiden name along with your family name.

You need to notify of your name change any governmental organizations you may deal with, such as IRS, Texas department of taxation, Social Security Administration, etc.

We recommend you to contact your county court clerk to check whether you need to legally change your name at this point.

Please be advised that Legal Helpmate is not a law firm and the information written above does not constitute legal advice.

Best regards,

Customer Support

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