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Power of Attorney >> Granting Broad Powers >> As a POA what are my rights?

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Discussion: As a POA what are my rights?-
#160, posted 19 Dec 2021 5:41 pm280 words
Tracey (Offline)

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I am a Durable General Power of Attorney for a person who has been in recovery from an auto accident for 6 months. She is also a brittle diabetic. In the POA form she has given me the power to act on her behalf concerning the care of her person and medical care. She has an Advance Directive for Health Care and has named me as the person to make decisions beyond those she has specifically stated. The problem I face is that this woman wants to return to her home because she says that she can take care of herself and I tell her that she can't because she can't take care of herself she will die if she goes home. Some friends of ours say that I don't have a right to tell her no, that if she is in her right mind she has the right to make that decision and suffer the consequences of it. I am not sure what I can do so I am seeking advice. Also do I have the right to tell them to stop interfereing they are always calling for us and doctors to sit down and have meetings because they want her to go home. I have been to all her doctors and therapists who say she isn't ready to go home because she can't take care of herself but they still want to meet anyway and I am sick of it, it is very frustrating. They also do not want to be her POA because I asked them, they just want to tell me what to do. Also what do POA's get paid normally? Thanks for your help. Tracey

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