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Estate Planning >> Trusts & Living Trusts >> Living trusts and divorce

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Discussion: Living trusts and divorce+

#244, posted 28 Mar 2022 12:06 pm169 words
cci (Offline)

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My husband and I have a living trust. I am trying to understand what will happen upon my death. The trust assets are written to be divided between our two sons - but that I'm sure is upon both of our deaths?

Could I (by California law) have 50% or my portion of our assets go to my children at the time of my death - if my husband is still alive or if he remarries after my death? If so, do I make this change in the trust or through another legal method?

My desire is to gift the assets I earned to my children at my death because I do not know what will occur with my husband after I die.

Another question - Since I have two adult sons can they both be the executor of the trust? Right now my sister is the executor and I'm not sure that's the best choice since my children are adults?

These are probably standard questions - Thank you

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