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Personal Financing >> Identity Theft & Credit Fraud >> Scam Credit Card - need advice

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Discussion: Scam Credit Card - need advice-
#170, posted 9 Jan 2022 2:23 pm232 words
dixiekaye (Offline)

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I am a 49yo single female that has never had credit cards, I don't have bad credit - just no credit. (trying to establish a credit history) I was advised to get a card with a low credit line, use it 6 months, and credit card offers would start coming in.

I got a Walmart card with a $700.00 credit line, and used it for 6 months. I then received an Aspire Visa card, applied, and received it with a $3000.00 credit line. I carefully read all the fine print - there were no hidden fees, no annual fees, no startup fees, etc.

At a later date I found a forum about Aspire Visa - it is a shady operated card that adds bogus charges to your card, shreds customer's checks and claims not to have received them, will not send out monthly statements, and will not close your account without charging an enormous fee (not detailed in the agreement plan).

The first (and only) month I charged less than $50.00. Monthly statement seemed okay and I paid it in full. But I want to close it NOW.

Will it hurt my credit report if I close out a credit card in one month's time? Should I let it lie dormant but watch it very carefully? Should I go ahead and apply for another card (reliable) before I close the Aspire account?

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