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#11, posted 2 Feb 2022 4:58 am by Cowboy28 words
I am little misguided on requirements of signing POA.

Please explain what I need to do to have a valid Power of Attorney?

I really appreciate your response.


#42, posted 19 Sep 2021 11:40 am by Cowboy22 words
with the general durable P/A noterized and signed by all parties what is the next step with this document?

Thanks for help


#43, posted 19 Sep 2021 1:31 pm by Cowboy, in reply to #4263 words
Dear Thomas,

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After a Power of Attorney is witnessed by two witnesses or notarized it may be used immediately. Depending on the powers you grant to your agent, he/she may manage your banking and other financial needs, take care of your retirement plans, tax matters; or sell/buy a house or business for you.

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#49, posted 7 Oct 2021 8:07 pm by Cowboy19 words
General Durable Power of Attorney, in Pennsylvania.

Does this require two witness signatures if I notarize the documen?


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#50, posted 7 Oct 2021 8:46 pm by Cowboy, in reply to #4931 words
Dear Manahar,

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Please note that Pennsylvania law does not require two witnesses if you notarize the General Durable Power of Attorney.

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