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Posted 12 Jun 2022 11:23 am by Michelle

#286, posted 12 Jun 2022 8:08 pm by Michelle71 words
My mother had a life insurance policy which divided the sum between my brother and me. I am poa and have been settling all of her affairs. Im afraid that he will take the check and run if I let him come over to endorse it. What are my rights to his portion of the insurance money for paying off the funeral...etc? As Poa am I able to endorse his check?


#306, posted 11 Jul 2022 6:10 pm by Michelle, in reply to #28699 words
Dear Michelle,

Please be informed that we are not a law firm and we must not give you legal advice. We strongly recommend you to consult an attorney in regards to this matter.

If your mother did not express her will in regards to who must take care of funeral and other matters, most likely, you and your brother will share the expenses.

With regard to the life insurance: you are supposed to receive two separate checks from insurance co: one for your brother as beneficiary and the other for you as a beneficiary.

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