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#318, posted 29 Jul 2022 9:48 pm by budvol79 words
I jsut found out my son used my name to get 3 credit cards..and has maxed them out..I dont want him to go to jail he is paying some on them. Can the card companys force me to put him in jail. What will they do to him he has never been in trouble before he just did something very stupid.

He thought he could pay them off in full and i wouldnt find out.. what should we do?


#324, posted 10 Aug 2021 11:08 pm by budvol, in reply to #31873 words
Dear budvol,

As we understand your post you do not want to expose your son.

In this case we think you have only one choice - pay off "his" debts on "your" credit cards and leave this between you and him. Anyway, as a cardholder you are responsible for the debt unless you establish that fraud was committed. But that assumption brings us to the beginning of your post.

Best regards,

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