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#36, posted 22 Jun 2022 9:24 am by Chris19 words
Dear Legal Helpmate. Please help.

How can I find out who the actual creditor is?

Thanks in advance. Chris.


#37, posted 22 Jun 2022 11:24 am by Chris, in reply to #3665 words
Dear Chris,

Thank you for visiting our website.

In regards to your question we would recommend you to try to research the name of the collection agency on the internet and yellow pages in your area.

If after diligent search you are still unable to obtain necessary info you need to seek an advice of an attorney dealing with debtor-creditor law.

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#219, posted 3 Mar 2022 8:47 am by Chris57 words
I would like to know if a default judgement is awarded to a collection co can they collect the amount of the judgement by having your home sold? Also what means can they collect on the judgement if it is an individual account and all property owned is held jointly with a spouse in Missouri? Thanks,