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#51, posted 15 Oct 2021 7:09 am by Debra30 words
Dear Legal Help Mate.

My legal maiden name is Debbie. I would like to legally change my first name to Debra. What do I need to do?

Thanks a lot.


#52, posted 15 Oct 2021 7:42 am by Debra, in reply to #51171 words
Dear Debra,

As we understand MD law, an action for change of name shall be brought in the county where the person whose name is sought to be changed resides. The action for change of name shall be commenced by filing a petition where you shall state the reason for name change.

You also have to provide the court with a certificate that the petitioner is not requesting the name change for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.

After you file the petition, unless the court orders otherwise, the notice shall be published one time in a newspaper of general circulation in the county at least fifteen days before the date specified in the notice for filing an objection to the petition. The petitioner shall thereafter file a certificate of publication.

After a publication the clerk of the court will give you the date of the hearing.

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#53, posted 15 Oct 2021 7:47 am by Debra, in reply to #527 words
Thank you Legal Helpmate a lot.