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Free Credit report, An overview of credit and collections



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Credit Report and Score<br>Related Legal Information  

Credit Report and Score
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An overview of credit and collections

You should always keep in mind how important is to establish sources of credit and maintain a good credit history. It is preferred if it is always a part of your financial planning. Usually, you will not have the money yourself to buy many of the expensive items in your life, such as a car, house or college education. Anyway, having access to credit is very useful if you consider buying and enjoying most major assets during your lifetime. Although creditors pay attention to a variety of factors in thinking whether to give you credit, the majority of them trust your credit history details.
So, establishing an excellent credit history is natural if you wish to be able to borrow money. Besides, events in your life, such as divorce, loss of income, relocation, retirement, education for your children, and loss of a spouse, may all result in a need for you to obtain credit or pay close attention to your current credit history.
You can find a list of topics in this section below:
Building Your Credit History: If you don't have any credit history profile, you should begin establishing one. If you have a stable income and have lived in the same region for at least a year, you should start applying for credit with a local institution, such as a department store.
How Credit bureaus Work: Credit Reporting institutions, often called Credit bureaus, are agencies that collect information on credit users and offer that data in the form of Credit Reports to companies that provide credit, such as banks, finance institutions and retailers.
Realizing Your Credit Report: Find out where to obtain a copy of your Credit Report, what the report includes and how to manage a bad Credit Report.
Dealing with Creditors: If you realize that you can't send your monthly payments, notify your creditors momentarily.
The Cost of Credit: If you are thinking about taking credit or opening a credit account, the first thing to do is to calculate how much it will cost you and whether you can afford it.
Sample Letter To Correct Errors In A Credit Report: In this section you can find a sample letter to ask credit institutions to correct errors in your Credit Report profile.
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Credit report correction techniques  

Credit report correction techniques

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Basic rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act  

Basic rights under The Fair Credit Reporting Act

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