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Alaska Uncontested Divorce Online  


Uncontested Divorce Online


Before you start completing your uncontested divorce forms with us, please read all the requirements for Alaska divorce. Make sure that your situation matches all the requirements. Uncontested Divorce Forms Online


Requirements for Alaska divorce

Residency Requirements:
Alaska has no residency requirements in order to start a divorce. While a long residency period may be required in a contested divorced if there are issues concerning children or a spouse who does not agree, the divorce could be granted within 30 days from the day of filing in an uncontested divorce.
General Divorce Procedure:

If the grounds are incompatibility of temperament, the spouses can ask the court together to end the marriage, if:
1) If there are minor children or the wife is pregnant, and both parties agreed on custody, visitation and support for the children. In addition, they agree on whether support payments will be made through state child support enforcement agency, and on the tax consequences of such support payments;
2) The spouses have agreed to divide jointly owned property in a fair and just manner (including retirement pensions), to the payment of maintenance if any, and to the tax consequences of such payments;
3) The spouses have agreed on the payment of all debts incurred by either or both parties, and to the payment of obligations incurred jointly by them in the future.

One individual spouse can file for the dissolution of marriage if:
1) The ground for divorce is incompatibility of temperament, the couple has separated for a while, and this separation has irreparably broken down the marriage;
2) The petitioning spouse has not been able to find out the other spouse’s position regarding the dissolution of their marriage, the division of the property and their obligations, and child custody, support and visitation arrangements, because the whereabouts of the other spouse is unknown to the petitioning spouse, after reasonable efforts to locate the absent spouse;
3) The other spouse cannot be personally served with process within the state or outside the state. Filing for dissolution of marriage does not preclude filing for a divorce. Official state forms for dissolution of marriage under these provisions may be obtained from the Clerk of any superior court, or from the Division of Social Service of the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services.

Grounds for Alaska Divorce:

Both fault and no fault divorce grounds are valid in Alaska.
No-fault grounds for divorce include an incompatibility of temperament, which results in the irreversible breakdown of the marriage.
Some fault grounds for divorce in Alaska include, among others:
    1) Adultery;
    2) Incurable mental disease and (or) confinement for 18 months or more;
    3) Substance abuse;
    4) Marriage not consummated;
    5) Conviction of a felony;
    6) Abandonment for more than 1 year;
    7) Cruel or inhuman treatment;
    8) Habitual drunkenness;
    9) Personal indignities;
    10) Incompatibility of temperament.
Mediation or Counseling:
At any time within 30 days after a complaint or cross complaint is filed, mediation may be granted at the request of either party in a contested divorce in order to achieve a mutually agreeable settlement. The parties may choose to submit the issues to mediation so that they may proceed in court on an uncontested basis, provided they agree to mediate prior to the initiation of an action, or at any time thereafter. If no request for mediation is made by either spouse, the court may order the spouses to submit to mediation by a court appointed mediator.
Where to file:
Superior Court for the State of Alaska.
No-Fault: Petition for dissolution of marriage;
Fault based: Complaint for Divorce.
  Uncontested Divorce Forms Online
Rights to Maiden Name:
Either spouse may change his/her name in the decree of dissolution of marriage or final judgment for divorce.
Go to "Change Name" service
Filing Fees:
Court filing fees are in addition. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.
  Uncontested Divorce Forms Online


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