Utah Divorce Online Forms. Do it yourself divorce papers. Divorce form for No-fault Uncontested Divorce

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Utah divorce online forms. Do it yourself divorce papers for no-fault and uncontested divorce.



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Utah Uncontested Divorce Online  


Uncontested Divorce Online


Before you start completing your uncontested divorce forms with us, please read all the requirements for Utah divorce. Make sure that your situation matches all the requirements. Uncontested Divorce Forms Online


Requirements for Utah divorce

Residency Requirements:
To file for divorce in Utah, the filing spouse must have been a resident of both Utah (or a member of armed forces stationed in Utah) and the county where a divorce is filed for at least 4 months immediately prior to filing. In addition, there is a 90-day waiting period after filing before a divorce will be granted. [Utah Code Annotated; Sections 30-3-1 and 30-3-18].
Legal Separation:
The grounds for legal separation are living separate and apart without cohabitation; willful neglect; and gross neglect. The deserting spouse must be a resident of Utah, or own property in the state in which the deserted spouse lives. [Utah Code Annotated; Section 30-4-1].
General Divorce Procedure:
There is a 90-day waiting period after filing before a hearing is held. A divorce will not be granted upon default. However, in a default case, the evidence may be contained in an affidavit of the petitioner. Evidence and testimony must be taken in every divorce case. A financial verification form is also required in child support cases. [Utah Code Annotated; Sections 30-3-4, 78-3-3.1, and 78-45-7.5(5), Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, Appendix of Forms, and the Utah Rules of the Judicial Council].
Where to file for divorce:
County of the petitioner.
Title of Divorce action:
Complaint for Divorce.
  Uncontested Divorce Forms Online

Grounds for Utah Divorce:

Utahs no-fault grounds for divorce include:
    1) irreconcilable differences of the marriage;
    2) living separate and apart for three years, without cohabitation, under a judicial decree of separation.
[Utah Code Annotated; Section 30-3-1].

Utahs fault-based grounds for divorce include:
    1) Impotence;
    2) ladultery
    3) conviction of a felony;
    4) willful desertion for 1 year;
    5) cruel and inhuman treatment;
    6) willful neglect;
    7) incurable insanity;
    8) habitual intemperance (drunkenness).

[Utah Code Annotated; Section 30-3-1].

Mediation or Counseling:
There is a 90-day waiting period after filing for divorce before any hearing may be held. Upon the request of either or both of the spouses (shown by filing a Petition for Conciliation with the court), the court may refer both of the spouses to a domestic relations counselor. If child custody is involved, both parents must attend a course in the effects of divorce on children. This requirement may be waived if the court determines that it is unnecessary.
Rights to Maiden Name:
The maiden name may be changed upon the spouses petition to the court.
Go to "Change Name" service
Filing Fees:
Court filing fees are in addition. Please check with your local courthouse to determine the exact amount.
Uncontested Divorce Forms Online

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