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3-in-1 Credit Report Online with Free Credit Score.
Your comprehensive 3-in-1 CREDIT REPORT online with Free Credit Score - Experian, EQUIFAX, TransUnion.
These are the three national credit bureaus that collect information about you. They do not share data. ...   More details

A Credit Bureau.
Credit bureaus track personal, financial and credit information on individuals. This includes information taken from public records, personal identification and debt information. With the exception of back child support payments, creditors supply inf ...   More details

A free copy of a credit report.
In certain situations, your credit report is free. For example, some states require credit bureaus to periodically provide free reports. The FCRA allows you to obtain free copies of your credit reports if you suspect that you are the victim of fraud ...   More details

About credit scoring.
Most anyone who has obtained a home mortgage in the past 5 years or so has heard about credit scoring. How many of you have been told "your scores are great", or "if your score were 10 points higher, your rate would be better by 1/4 po ...   More details

All three Credit Bureaus are important.
When you go to apply for a mortgage, or re-finance your home, a mortgage broker will look up all three credit bureaus. However, other creditors, your employer, or a potential landlord may only pull up any one of the three credit reports (Equifax, Tra ...   More details

Bad credit costs thousands of dollars.
Any amount of bad credit is devastating to your chances for credit approval. In fact, most credit grantors never personally look at your credit report. It's an automated process in which a computer decides whether you're approved or denied. The sligh ...   More details

Basic steps to repair your credit.
1. Obtain all three credit bureaus credit reports. 2. Read the credit reports to identify troublesome credit records. 3. Dispute those credit records on your credit report with the credit bureaus. 4. Disputed credit report records are removed or corr ...   More details

Before buying a home - 1.
Prepare your credit score before buying a home.
Buying a home - especially for the first time - makes significant demands on personal credit. Before you begin the process of shopping for a loan, it is important to understand how your cre ...   More details

Before buying a home - 2.
Credit scoring.
A home loan requires a solid credit rating. Considering that a mortgage is probably the single largest loan that an average person will take out in their life, lenders have established certain criteria for choosing mortga ...   More details

Before buying a home - 3.
Changes to your credit profile.
Once a home loan takes place, it can dramatically change some credit dynamics. A mortgage is a large loan, and may impact things like your debt-to-income ratio in the first years of the loan. On the other ...   More details


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