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Living Will, Legal Forms - Life-sustaining treatment



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Revocable Living Will
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Life-sustaining treatment.

Many serious illnesses such as cancer, failure of major organs (kidney, heart, liver, or lung), and serious brain disease such as Alzheimer's dementia may be considered irreversible early on. There is no cure, but the patient may be kept alive for prolonged periods of time if the patient receives life-sustaining treatments. Late in the course of the same illness, the disease may be considered terminal when, even with treatment, the patient is expected to die. You may wish to consider which burdens of treatment you would be willing to accept in an effort to achieve a particular outcome. This is a very personal decision that you may wish to discuss with your physician, family, or other important persons in your life.
"Life-sustaining treatment" means treatment that, based on reasonable medical judgment, sustains the life of a patient and without which the patient will die. The term includes both life-sustaining medications and artificial life support such as mechanical breathing machines, kidney dialysis treatment, and artificial hydration and nutrition. The term does not include the administration of pain management medication, the performance of a medical procedure necessary to provide comfort care, or any other medical care provided to alleviate a patient's pain. "Terminal condition" means an incurable condition caused by injury, disease, or illness that according to reasonable medical judgment will produce death within six months, even with available life-sustaining treatment provided in accordance with the prevailing standard of medical care.
Many serious illnesses may be considered irreversible early in the course of the illness, but they may not be considered terminal until the disease is fairly advanced. In thinking about terminal illness and its treatment, you again may wish to consider the relative benefits and burdens of treatment and discuss your wishes with your physician, family, or other important persons in your life.
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One of the documents your health care agent will want is a a Physician's Order for Life Sustaining Treatment, or POLST. It is important to have a detailed Health Care Directive. This document outlines choices many people make and allows you to add or ...
A gift for your family: defining your end-of-life choices | TIME OF YOUR LIFE

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The state Supreme Court on Tuesday established a firm standard on when a hospitalized child in DHS care can be allowed to die. Justices decided a judge can authorize the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment only if there is clear and convincing ...
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