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Prenuptial Agreement, Legal Forms - Bush's Welfare Plan Encourages Marriage-based Family



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Prenuptial Agreement
Related Legal Information

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Bush's Welfare Plan Encourages Marriage-based Family.

This week, President Bush unveiled a plan to end welfare policies which discourage Marriage. Bush's budget proposed $100 million for programs that promote Marriage, and has committed up to $300 million annually to strengthen Marriages and families among the poor. Through public education campaigns and Premarital counseling the administration hopes to turn the tide of out-of-wedlock births. Recent data indicates that 1 in 3 children are born out of wedlock, a number which jumps to 67% in the African-American community. Recognizing the great income disparity between Married Couples and single-mother households, it is hoped that encouraging Marriage will end the cycle of poverty for many poor families. While 6% of Married Couples are poor, 36% of female-headed households are in poverty.
A Brookings Institution analysis points out how welfare currently penalizes Marriage among recipients. Today, a single mom with two children who earns $10,000 a year at a minimum-wage job qualifies for financial assistance through food stamps, supplemental welfare income and the Earned Income Tax Credit. But if this woman married a man who also earned $10,000, their combined income would disqualify the family from many benefits. Overall, the couple would lose $4 out of every $10 the man brought into the home, according to a Brookings Institution analysis. This Marriage penalty worsens if the mom draws on Medicaid and federal housing help.
Critics challenge Bush's proposals to strengthen the Marriages and families of those on welfare as an inappropriate governmental intrusion into private life. The President, however, noted that strengthening Marriages helps children. "Across America, no doubt about it, single mothers do heroic work," he said. "They have the toughest job in our country." But he added, "In many cases, their lives and their children's lives would be better if their fathers had lived up to their responsibilities . . . Strong Marriages and stable families are incredibly good for children.'' A litany of research indicates that children who grow up in families with their birth fathers do better in school, are less likely to bear a child out of wedlock, and are less likely to use ilLegal drugs.
In his budget, Bush also announced $135 million for abstinence education as part of his welfare plan, under Title V to establish parity between sex education and abstinence education. "Abstinence is the surest way and the only completely effective way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases," he said. "When our children face a choice between self-restraint and self-destruction, government should not be neutral."
Sources: Boyer and Sammon, "Bush Eyes Welfare Overhaul," The Washington Times, Feb. 26, 2002, at; USA Today Editorial, "Pro-Marriage Initiative Holds Promise for Poor," Feb. 27, 2002.
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