Prenuptial Agreement. Download online state specific prenuptial agreements form (Premarital Contract)

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Prenuptial Agreement, Legal Forms - Marriage for Better and for Worse



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Prenuptial Agreement<br>Related Legal Information  

Prenuptial Agreement
Related Legal Information

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Marriage for Better and for Worse.

While the September 11 terrorist attack has changed many families forever, it has reminded some of the importance of Marriage in bad times as well as good. The vivid September 11 picture of conflict has caused many previously seeking divorce to now seek peace in their home lives. Family courts have seen two to three times as many divorce cases dismissed since the September 11 tragedy as before. For example, in the five days before the September 11 tragedy, 75 divorce cases were dismissed in one Houston, Texas court. By contrast, approximately 400 cases were dismissed in the 10 days following the tragedy. divorce attorneys report that even some of their most contentious cases are now being reconciled as couples realize that “things we worried about before look like small potatoes.” divorce attorney, Michael Von Blon has seen two reconciliations among his clients since the disaster and says that “people stop and think about the most basic things in life—companionship, love and family.”
A counseling minister at a Houston Baptist church said the tragedy has also encouraged Married Couples to work more seriously on their Marriages, to seek counseling for conflicts, and to get their lives in order.
Military deployments have also brought about an increase in the Marriage rates among military personnel. As soldiers have been informed of their deployments, the next step many take is to set a Wedding date. The Marriage commissioner for the Navy’s Norfolk, Virginia facilities has married 5 times as many couples following the terrorist attack as he did this time the previous year, and Langley Air Force Base has doubled its Marriage ceremonies since the attack. Sociologist David Popenoe explains that “in times of uncertainty, people establish close relationships, focusing on the single most significant, and meaningful, thing in their lives.” Popenoe predicted that the terrorist attacks will prompt more people to marry and cause others to strengthen their Marriages. “If things go wrong, you want something strong to fall back upon,” he said.
Sources: Mary Flood, “divorce case dismissals soar here since Sept. 11,” Houston Chronicle; Louise Roug, “Couples facing military deployment are speeding up their Marriage plans,” Los Angeles Times, Sept. 25, 2001.
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Love is the best medicine in the world. It gives everyone a reason to live, a reason to work, a reason to keep going ...
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Prenuptial Agreements Advantages

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Marriage is good for men

Men who become widowed or divorced may lose more than a spouse. They are also likely ...

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