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Prenuptial Agreement, Legal Forms - Patterns of marriage and divorce



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Prenuptial Agreement
Related Legal Information

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Patterns of Marriage and divorce.

Evolving patterns of Marriage and divorce are at the core of studying changes in family composition and living arrangements.The timing of the age at entry into first Marriage often reflects the period when people enter adulthood, such as the Great Depression of the 1930s or the economic prosperity of the post-World War II era. Changing views on the acceptability of cohabitation before Marriage, both by the couples and their parents, may delay an eventual Marriage or in some cases convince the couple not to marry at all. The likelihood of a couple separating or divorcing may also be influenced by changes in the way they confront and resolve personal issues as well as legislative trends in divorce laws that may make it easier to obtain a divorce than in earlier time periods.
Before any causal analysis can occur, it is first necessary to present basic measures of the incidence of Marriage and divorce.The last comprehensive portrait from the Census Bureau of Marriage and divorce patterns was published almost 10 years ago.1 Annual reports on the marital status of people in the United States provide estimates of the numbers of married, separated, divorced, and widowed people,2 but do not provide data on basic items such as the number of times people have been married and the likelihood of reMarriage. These are important in understanding the growing complexity of life cycle transitions in current American society.
In addition, since the suspension of the collection of detailed information on Marriage and divorce by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) in 1996,3 no comprehensive data have been available annually on the characteristics of people who marry or divorce in the United States (about 2.4 million and 1.2 million couples, respectively, each year). Information on the characteristics of people who had recently been widowed or separated is also lacking, as there is no nationally collected and published information by either the Census Bureau or NCHS on these events.
To address these deficiencies, this report analyzes Marriage and divorce patterns in the United States using retrospective marital history information collected in the second interview of the 1996 Panel of the Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP).4 Data were collected from a nationally representative sample of 37,000 households for people 15 years and over about the number of times they had been married, how their Marriages ended, and the month and year of each of these marital events (including date of last separation if divorced), for the first, second, and last Marriage. Since less than 1 percent of adults have been married four or more times, few events are missed by using this approach.
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