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One more time about divorce.

Starting this chapter, I shall recede "tradition" as with terms here all is clear a little: divorce means simply divorce and anything other.
Starting " to procedure of divorce ", we shall consider the reasons of occurrence of this phenomenon. And we shall start with a joke:
" - Why you want to divorce, madam?
Because I dont have any more reasons to fight with my husband.
Scientists of a California university have analyzed 45,000 families and come to this conclusion about divorce: couples who live together before marriage are more inclined to divorce than those who marry soon after they meet.
Half of the marriages made after preliminary cohabitation end in divorce within 5 years One of the reasons is that " living in a sin " does not test respect for the institution of the family, and the fact of marrying changes the character of their mutual relation into a worse direction.
Half of the marriages made after preliminary cohabitation end in divorce within 5 years One of the reasons is that " living in a sin " does not test respect for the institution of the family, and the fact of marrying changes the character of their mutual relation into a worse direction.
A long time ago, Michel Monte wrote:
"Most marriages that were based on beauty and love ended in divorce. This happened either easily or after constant problems.
But without real love, most marriages are unsuccessful and gives couples many heartaches.
"My parents forced me to marry the son of their friends against my will. Before the wedding occurred, my future husband declared that he loved another. It was impossible to cancel the wedding at that point because our parents had financial considerations for the liaison. After the wedding, the husband disappeared from the house and reproached me for not refusing to marry him. The marriage could not continue, so finally we did divorce.
Maria N., German
In other words: "Marriages devoid of love are doomed for divorce!"
So, why do we say doomed? Does divorce really change human life in the internal and external condition of the spouses?
How the opinion of the public differs on the divorced couple?
"If I leave my wife, it would be natural, but if the wife leaves the husband then he becomes a laughing-stock.
Divorce is disgusting but not just because it separates spouses. It is also because the man gets freedom but the wife is called deserted.
This attitude is a vestige of ancient patriarchy but not so in the present days of feminism! Earlier divorce was only a negative phenomenon. People said: You are so much prettier, you have gotten married? Now we hear more often: You look great! You must have gotten divorced?
Thus, divorce can be a positive phenomenon if the divorced person is released from problems, oppression, insults, and violence. But in any case, their life has changed both externally and internally.
According to statistics, there were fewer divorces. Now 75% of marriages end in divorce. Why were there fewer divorces in the past? Mainly because of negative public opinion. But not only.
The divorce process in France is expensive and lengthy. The divorce procedure usually takes two years and supports two lawyers with extremely high fees. But it is rare that divorce occurs amicably. All the same it is necessary to divide a living space, children, furniture, and the baby fish in the family aquarium. Under the law the husband should provide to the wife that standard of living which she had while married to him. Therefore to children will go the support money and to the wife the alimony.
In America, if there is a prenuptial contract, it is not limited only to the property sphere. It is possible to stipulate in that contract everything, including agreements about separation of children and pets. Therefore divorce cases pass usually silently, amazing only in the number of dollars agreed upon beforehand and stipulated in the contract.
Now a divorce procedure can be simplified if the couple chooses for an uncontested (no-fault) divorce. It can be accomplished in a couple of hours online.
Or, you can make the procedure even easier if you live in the South American jungle, as described in this joke:
"Two travelers see in the jungle of Amazon, as one local resident conducts to a precipice a woman with a stone adhered to a neck. "Hm, murmured one of them, Here the procedure of divorce is rather simplified."
Divorce - one of the greatest achievements of mankind. To fall in love, there is enough and minutes. To divorce, sometimes it is necessary to live 20 years together. They were difficult years, but I do not regret about them.
Socrates once said: Marry by all means. If you have a good wife, you will become happy; if you get a bad wife, you will become the philosopher.
By the way, divorce enables you to comprehend your attitude toward marriage, your place in it, and something to change in your life.
Divorce is not an exit because those problems which were in the first marriage will appear necessarily in the second marriage. The problem is in the heart of the person and not in the marriage. If no changes take place in him, there will be no changes in the next marriage.
Divorce is one of the greatest achievements of mankind because it kills the lie about a false mutual relation and allows people to pass through the divorce to find the truth about them and move to the future.

By Alex Katz - "One more time about divorce."                                 All divorce news
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