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Advance Medical Health Care Directive >> Living Will (Health Care Directive) >> misuse of funds by principle

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Discussion: misuse of funds by principle-
#424, posted 22 Mar 2022 9:07 pm217 words
jsultzer (Offline)

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My mother has been put into a nursing home and my sister has power of attorney. In sept my sister took out a 50000 loan on my mom's house which was paid off. Now she has applied for another loan on the house. I have lived with my mother for the past 8 years and have taken care of her. She has a trust and in the trust the house is supposed to be split between my sister and myself after her demise. My sister said the first loan was to fix up the house but not one cent was spent on the house. My sister did get a new car and new carpeting in her house but no money was applied to my mom's house. Now my sister says that she is selling the house and I have to move out. Is there any way to protect what my mother had intended for me to receive. My mother can't make valid decisions any more and since my sister has put her in a home she doesn't respond to anyone. Is there anyway to stop my sister from abusing her power of attorney while my mother is still alive? Is there anyone that can stop her from spending all of the inheritance before my mom passes away?

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