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Power of Attorney >> Granting Broad Powers >> Possible POA in courts, how do I find out?

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Discussion: Possible POA in courts, how do I find out?-
#579, posted 9 Sep 2021 12:47 pm104 words
Elaine (Offline)

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I rent a small house in Maryland. Roommate is talking eviction, I've done NOTHING wrong, it's solely personal. The gentlemen who cares for the home is NOT the owner (checked MD property records). It is owned by his mother, he just takes care of the property.

Question--How do I find out if the gentleman has POA of his mother's property?

If I understand correctly, only the "owner" can file the eviction, unless this man has POA and it's stated properly.

I don't have much money to pay for an attorney, so is this information public knowledge and can I get copies for my security?

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