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Real Estate >> Landlord & Tenant >> Housing lease problem with circumstances

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Discussion: Housing lease problem with circumstances-
#615, posted 20 Sep 2021 7:13 pm208 words
jamesripple (Offline)

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I am currently in my 3rd year in college and decided to move into a house with 3 other people. It has been a little over a month and a half and I have decided to move out for several reasons. The primary reasons for moving out is because one room mate uses marijuana (he says he has a license for it) and have noise problems. When he uses this substance it affects the entire house, including my room which is right next door. There has been a year lease on the house starting since august, which only one person signed the lease (I HAVE NOT). I DID NOT put a 30 day notice due to the circumstances becoming to extreme to handle. My room mates say I have to pay for next month's rent ($625/each) (I will move out before next month), however I think otherwise. I want to know if I can legally argue to the landlord to get me off the lease(that I did not sign) and return my deposit($500).I am a struggling college student and would like to know my legal rights. I will be speaking to my landlord fairly soon and would like to know how to approach this dilemma the legal way.

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