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#133, posted 5 Nov 2021 11:38 pm by olegullmcw211 words
on my fathers side of the family, there were 11 brothers and sisters.

all are dead now but one aunt, who has been in a nursing home for about 30 days.

her daughter, my cousin, just 2 days ago got her mom to sign a power of attorney she printed off the net; is that a legal document?

my cousin is telling me that me that according to Tennessee law, me, her and our 2 other cousins are entitled to 1/3 once she sells the properties; is this true?

i told her i wanted to keep one of the houses for myself and any monies im entitled to and she said i would have to PAY her and the other 2 cousins; is this true? if shes got power of attorney, cant she just quit claim a house to me?

there are approximately 10 properties, but she only wants to sell 3 of them so she can continue to get rental income from all the others, but for some reason that just dont sound right to me, that she is making arbritrary decisions that suit only HER needs, when there are 3 other cousins involved.

any advise would be greatly appreciated and even links to any laws etc. addressing these issues.


#140, posted 9 Nov 2021 12:20 am by olegullmcw, in reply to #13341 words
Dear Olegullmcw,

It seems that your question is rather complicated and it requires attention of an attorney.
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#141, posted 9 Nov 2021 5:20 pm by olegullmcw, in reply to #140115 words
thats ok,

i hired an attorney monday morning lol.

what he said was this:

my cousin has NO RIGHT to sell anything in that none of the properties have her or her mothers name on any of them.

he also said that 2 of the properties outright belong to me, those being the 2 houses that have my grandfathers name on it.

he also says that there were no wills, there is no power of attorney on file, and since nobody in all these years have filed a claim on ANY of the properties, i may end up with ALL of them.

but thanks again for at least replying to my inquiry, i appreciate it.


#372, posted 28 Oct 2021 10:12 pm by olegullmcw136 words
I want to leave my home to my only child. I am farther in debt than the monies left over even if my son were to sell the home. Would he be forced to sell the home to pay off my debt on my credit cards? Should I quit deed it to him now or just sell the house and pay off what credit cards I can before I die? I dont believe he would be responsible for paying off the remainder of the cards as he is not on them. If I quit deed the home to him, would he have to sell it to pay off my debt? It is all I have to leave him and want to die knowing he won't be held responsible for paying my debts I have. Thank you.


#375, posted 29 Oct 2021 7:39 pm by olegullmcw, in reply to #37238 words
Dear Shane,

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