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Estate Planning >> Elder Law >> what are my rights??

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Discussion: what are my rights??+

#372, posted 28 Oct 2021 10:12 pm136 words
shane (Offline)

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I want to leave my home to my only child. I am farther in debt than the monies left over even if my son were to sell the home. Would he be forced to sell the home to pay off my debt on my credit cards? Should I quit deed it to him now or just sell the house and pay off what credit cards I can before I die? I dont believe he would be responsible for paying off the remainder of the cards as he is not on them. If I quit deed the home to him, would he have to sell it to pay off my debt? It is all I have to leave him and want to die knowing he won't be held responsible for paying my debts I have. Thank you.

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