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Good day

I have a HUGE problem. I have twins boys who are now 7 years old. Their father and I got separated when they turned two. He is not paying ANY child support, and it took me five years to get hold of him to get divorced. Our divorce case was finalised in May 2007.

Since the time we were seperated, he never call his kids, he never sees them. I always take them to his mom for weekends or holidays. He is basicly travelling all the time. Has no work, no place where he is living. In an sms just before the divorce case he asked that he want to sign off the children. I in the meantime am living with someone, and r going to get married. The twins love him dearly and even call him daddy.

Their real father is missing in action again, and both the numbers I have for him is not working.

The new man want's to give the twins a name and adopt them. How can I do this without the father, because I truly do not know where to get hold of him. Please help me. I am very frustrated

Kind regards

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