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#280, posted 3 Jun 2022 12:34 am176 words
saramoore25 (Offline)

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I have a question regarding the care of a child. Currently my husband and I have our 17 year old cousin staying with us. She is very behind in school and neither one of her parents are willing to step up and take care of her. They have let her come stay with us and we are getting ready to enroll her in summer school. I know that we need some sort of documentation saying that we are able to care for her but we do not have enough money to go to court and we cannot get both of her parents in the same place to have anything noterized. They are divorced and they cannot stand being around one another. They are not making this easy on us but we only care what is in the best interest of the child. What should we do? They also do not have any medical insurance and we would like to put her on our family insurance but does she have to be adopted. Thanks so much, Sara

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