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Power of Attorney >> Taking Care of Your Children >> Completing an insurance claim

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Discussion: Completing an insurance claim+

#29, posted 4 Mar 2022 2:23 pm, in reply to #28151 words
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Dear L Smith,

Thank you for visiting our website.

While we could not determine from your email the type of disability (mental or physical) your child suffers from, or whether you as his mother are his legal guardian, we can tell you that if you are indeed his legal guardian, you do not need a Power of Attorney to act on his behalf.

If you are not your child’s legal guardian, we suggest that you purchase the Special Power of Attorney, where your child may give you a limited power to represent him regarding insurance claims. The Special Power of Attorney is located at http://www.legalhelpmate.com/power-of-attorney-limitged.aspx.

Also, you might call the insurance company to find out if they have any special requirements.

Disclaimer: Legal Helpmate Corp. is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. If difficult legal issues are involved, you should consult an attorney.

Best regards,

Customer Support

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