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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Love and Marriage >> How about a Post-Nuptial Agreement

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Discussion: How about a Post-Nuptial Agreement+

#66, posted 18 Apr 2022 8:34 pm139 words
lilkiss (Offline)

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I have a question that I really need help with my husband and I were going threw a divorce a year ago then after a while we went back togather He had bought me a very expence ring we had typed up a forum saying that the ring would be soley mine if we ended it then had the form noterized .Then he had bought my daughter a car and typed up another letter saying he would buy the car as a gift to her shes 16 and he would pay for it and her insurance untill shes 18 we had that noterized now he tells me that hes not doing it and says they don't hold up in divorce court i'm from minnesota can anyone PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION its making me very sick thank you

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