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Arkansas Divorce - Child support - Arkansas Divorce - Mediation or Counseling - Arkansas Divorce - Property Distribution



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Uncontested Divorce Online Forms  

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Arizona divorce - Where to file for divorce.
In the county where the Petitioner resides. ...   More details

Arizona Uncontested divorce - General Divorce Procedure.
Acceptance and waiver of service by the respondent is allowed. The petition for the dissolution of marriage may be heard before a court commissioner if an appearance and waiver is filed. Separation agreements are encouraged. ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Alimony maintenance spousal support.
Alimony may be granted to either spouse in fixed installments for a specific period of time and subject to automatic termination upon the death of either spouse, remarriage of the receiving spouse, or the establishment by the receiving spouse of a re ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Approved grounds.
18 months or more of voluntary living separate without cohabitation; ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Child custody.
Child custody is awarded based on the welfare and best interests of the child, after a consideration of the following factors:
(1) the circumstances of the parents and child; (2) the nature of the case; (3) which parent is most likely to ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Child support.
In awarding a reasonable amount of child support, the court is to consider the following factors:
(1) the circumstances of the parents and child and (2) the nature of the case. ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Mediation or Counseling.
There is no legal provision that addresses this issue in Arkansas. ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Property Distribution.
Arkansas is an "equitable distribution" state. All of the marital property acquired during the marriage is divided equally between the spouses. However, if the court finds the division to be unfair, it may redistribute the property, after c ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Rights to Maiden Name.
The wife can restore her maiden name after divorce upon request. ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce - Where to file.
In Plaintiff’s County; Non-resident plaintiffs should file for divorce in the county of the defendant. ...   More details

Arkansas Divorce Online - General procedure.
In an uncontested divorce action, proof of a spouse’s residency, separation and no cohabitation may be evidenced by a signed affidavit from a third party. However, proof of the grounds for divorce does not need to be corroborated by a 3d party. ...   More details

Arkansas Uncontested Divorce - Legal Separation Provisions
Legal separation may be granted for the same reasons as the no-fault divorce grounds, plus 1) willful discretion for 1 year and 2) willful separation for 18 months. ...   More details

Arkansas Uncontested Divorce Online - Residence Requirements
The parties filing for divorce must reside in the state Arkansas for at least 60 days and must also reside in the state for three months prior to the finalization of the divorce. ...   More details

Award a child custody to a non-parent.
Custody may be awarded to a non-parent, but there is a strong presumption that the child should be with a parent. Judges have sometimes awarded custody to a stepparent. If you have questions about child custody laws, contact a divorce attorney near y ...   More details

Background for divorce.
Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Marital status can only be terminated by a court of law. In a divorce, a court declares the marriage contract broken. Historically, a court would only consider granting a divorce if one spouse had done ...   More details

Bankruptcy of the payer parent after a divorce.
Bankruptcy of the payer parent does not end the obligation to pay child support. In addition, any unpaid support is not dischargeable in a bankruptcy proceeding. The bankruptcy might, though, be a changed circumstance that will persuade the divorce j ...   More details

Bruce and Demi: Officially Divorced.
by Mark Armstrong - Oct 25, 2000, 2:45 PM PT
For all you lovelorn optimists who actually thought there was a chance long-estranged couple Bruce Willis and Demi Moore might someday find those old sparks and reunite: Forget it. It's over. ...   More details

Cage and Arquette Divorce (Again).
by Mark Armstrong - Nov 18, 2000, 1:00 PM PT
Nicolas Cage and Patricia Arquette split up nine months after they first married, spent five years publicly acting like a real couple, filed for divorce this year--and then abruptly rescinded ...   More details

California divorce - Alimony maintenance spousal support.
The court may award support to either spouse in any amount and for any period of time that the court deems just and reasonable, based on the standard of living achieved during the marriage. The factors considered are:
(1) whether the spo ...   More details

California divorce - Approved ground.
- No-fault: Irreconcilable differences which have caused the irremediable breakdown of the marriage.
- Fault-based: Incurable insanity. ...   More details


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