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Legal forms - Divorce online - Divorce forms - Divorce law - Do it yourself divorce - Divorce papers - No-fault divorce

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Uncontested Divorce Online


Legal Helper provides an easy-to-use, quick, and economical online method for creating completed legal forms from our site for your uncontested divorce (either no-fault divorce or fault divorce). Legal Helper provides a simple online divorce service for making your divorce process less expensive and stressful for you.

It’s easy. You simply answer some basic questions that produce the proper legal documents necessary for your uncontested divorce. The divorce papers are tailored to reflect your income, your assets, your children, and the divorce law of your state. You receive these completed, ready-to-print legal documents of divorce online together with simple instructions on how and where to file for divorce. Our online divorce service always gives you the exact legal documents needed to obtain your uncontested divorce (either no-fault divorce or fault divorce) in your state. The turn-around time for receiving each completed legal document online may be immediately or it may be within 15 minutes, depending upon the divorce law of your state.


Most importantly, you are able to control this process from your own computer, without paying for an attorney. Your total cost is $249.99.

 How It Works

1. Choose your state.
2. Choose the type of Uncontested Divorce
     package appropriate for your situation.
3. Simply answer a few straightforward
     questions that produce the legal
4. Print, download or e-mail your completed
     legal forms.

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Kinds of Uncontested Divorce:
  • Uncontested divorce with minor children
  • Uncontested divorce without minor children
An uncontested divorce occurs when:

   1) there are no disagreements between you and your spouse over any financial or divorce-related issues (i.e., child custody and support, division of marital property or spousal support);

   2) your spouse either agrees to divorce, or fails to appear in the divorce action.

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NOTE:  Uncontested divorce can be filed for either a no-fault divorce or fault divorce.

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  Legal Helper Corp. is not a law firm and does not give legal advice. If custody, financial or any other difficult legal issue is involved, you should consult a divorce lawyer.

Neither does Legal Helper merely provide a blank legal form. Instead, Legal Helper is a legal service center that provides you with the completed divorce papers you will need for a successfully filing for divorce (uncontested divorce).

Legal Helper also recognizes that divorce is a process that few people undertake without serious consideration. In offering this service to you, our goal is not to sanction or promote divorce but to provide a simple online service for making your divorce process less expensive and stressful for you.

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