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Marriage & Love. Family Affairs >> Love and Marriage >> How about a Post-Nuptial Agreement

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Discussion: How about a Post-Nuptial Agreement+

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Dear Lilkiss,

In order for us to answer your question you need to provide us with more information regarding the following:

1. Whether your divorce procedure was finalized?

2. What is your current status with the person you described in your question?

3. Did you sign a Prenuptial Agreement before you got married? If yes, what were the terms of it?

4. It is unclear from your post why did you and your husband (former hubby) decide to write an agreement regarding a ring and especially to notarize it? As we understand from your message it was a gift??

5. Whether the car was actually bought, and did your husband make any insurance payments?

Based on information that you provided us it is very difficult to give you an answer because your post is very complex, and much more information is needed to even start talking about possible legal issues.

Best regards,
Customer Support

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